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Dan Gables olympic ceremony winning gold medal Dan Gables olympic ceremony winning gold medal

What is being the Greatest Of All Time, aka the G.O.A.T like?

1 minutes

Dan Gables is truly a world-class athlete. Considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Gable is a two-time NCAA Division I national champion and world gold medalist. In fact, when Dan won his coveted Olympic gold medal, the Russians’ game plan was to find athletes to beat only him. Long after his career, he also is one of the winningest coaches in the world of wrestling.

In this podcast, we hear what really sets Dan apart from the rest of his opponents. Are you ready to hear what greatness means? Take a listen with the legend himself and hear about his journey of what tragic events motivated him to his greatness and excellence in the world. We personally love his midwestern charm and friendly personality. 

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