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Why We Give

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As we navigate our new normal in 2020, it’s more important than ever to be generous, whether it’s helping a loved one or a neighbor in need. It’s true—we are better together—no matter how socially distanced we are.

At Rule29, we believe that we are all made better by giving and we’ve found that we’re the happiest when we do the most for others. Through our GIVE initiative, we commit 20 percent of our time and resources (free or at a discount) to causes, ideas, and initiatives that help create a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable, and more welcoming world. We don’t just support these organizations; we embrace them.

Wheels4Water to GIVEmas to LEO focus our collective attention on what matters most, which is the world around us.

We love working with clients who also give back. The Good Tidings Foundation, Sunday Strong, and the Fore Griffin Foundation are just three of many clients who work to make the world a better place through inclusion and inspiration.

The Good Tidings Foundation provides opportunities to support youth growth and development in Northern California and beyond. The organization believes that every child should have access to explore and excel in the activities they are passionate about. We partnered with Good Tidings to develop their story, brand guidelines, identity, website, print materials, and digital assets. Through our GIVE initiative, we were able to provide everything at a discount so they can focus on changing lives.

Sunday Strong encourages the health and wellness of adults with intellectual disabilities by working with fitness affiliates nationwide to provide one group class a week. Rule29 worked with Sunday Strong to create a logo that embodies their values. The mark features an “S” with two sections that represent the support given to athletes along with the positive experience for coaches and volunteers. In the center of this connection is the shape of a barbell that’s inspired by the strength-building activities that take place in Sunday Strong classes. We’re excited to see Sunday Strong grow as gyms across the nation join the movement!

The Fore Griffin Foundation is focused on helping children and families who are facing life-threatening and life-limiting conditions by providing memorable family experiences and support for the medical community. We were privileged to create the name of the organization, develop their logo, create their website, and produce a number of communication and fundraising materials. GIVE made it possible for Fore Griffin to extend their reach and share Griffin’s story with the nation.

Generosity energizes our work and encourages us to be grateful for the opportunities we have. We’ve found that we are even more productive and creative when we keep giving at the center of what we do! 

GIVE is about community. We want to combine our efforts with others to build a better world. Do you know of any organizations that are tipping the scales for good? We want to hear about them! Fill out the form below to recommend an organization that Rule29 could consider for our GIVE initiative next year.