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Yoga with Team RWB

1 minutes

Rule29 had the honor to host and be a part of Team Red White & Blue’s 2nd Annual Yoga Veterans Athletic Camp this past weekend. As part of our GIVE initiative, Katrina Strich, Rule29’s Account manager, played event planner and coordinator for the weekend. Fortunately, Katrina is not only obsessed with (hot) yoga, but she loves veterans.

The camp was one of six Veteran Athletic Camps that Team RWB is conducting in 2013. The Veteran Athletic Camps are opportunities for veterans to learn a new sport/activity that they can take home to their local chapter in a leadership capacity. They are led and coached by world-class athletes and renowned experts, and are designed to inspire veterans to commit to their own health and fitness. Veterans who are passionate about the mission of Team RWB and are actively involved in their local chapter are nominated to attend the camps by their chapter leadership.

The 2013 camp was hosted by the Bikram Yoga South Naperville Studio, Rule29, and sponsored by the USO. More than 30 Team RWB veterans came together from around the country and converge just outside of Chicago. The theme of the yoga camp this year was “Balance”—a physical, mental, and lifestyle balance through yoga. Barry Peterson, West Point graduate, instructor at University of Nevada – Reno, and certified Bikram Yoga instructor, lead the group through the yoga classes and posture clinic with a staff of local volunteers and instructors. Attendees also received instruction from Naturopathic experts on nutrition and our very own Justin Ahrens on the concept of Life Kerning. In addition, the camp received a three-segment leadership development course that was led by Team RWB leader Chris Widell. This course covered the basics of leadership and provided insights and tools to camp participants in order to help create stronger veterans, stronger communities, and a stronger Team RWB organization.