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You Won’t Find ______________ at Rule29

3 minutes

If you have stepped inside the R29 headquarters, you’ll notice a few things pretty quickly. You’ll hear music playing (sometimes blaring), you’ll be greeted by brightly painted walls, and you’ll find crayons conveniently placed in the conference room. You may notice the electric guitar hoisted right by the entrance door or the numerous posters liberally dispersed around our workplace. Not to mention, all the books and interesting knick-knacks housed in our library that you can get lost looking at. But here are 5 things you won’t find at Rule29, if you just stepped in and took a glance.

1. You won’t find a lack of enthusiasm.

The R29 team is proud of its eagerness to try something new. If there’s a chance it could achieve a higher level of creative or offer better processes and results for our clients, we won’t hesitate to give it a try. Being open to exploring new possibilities is one of the reasons why we are able to keep our work fresh and fun despite tight deadlines and demanding projects. We have a posture of trying to figure things out, rather than saying “no” or giving up.

2. You won’t find us acting like we’re strangers.

Even if we’re still working on a deadline at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday evening, you won’t find us working by our lonesome. We will band together and tackle the problem head on. Whether it’s trying to figure out an issue with one of the programs we use or collaborating on an idea, you’ll find that we’re a tight knit group that supports each other like a genuine family. After all, we spend the better part of the week with each other…it’s pretty hard not to be real with each other and harbor genuine care for one another. This drives us to work harder, not just for ourselves, but for our R29 family and peers.

3. You won’t find too many serious moments.

You won’t find a time during work when sarcasm isn’t at its prime. We love to make friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly banter with each other (all in love, see #2). We love sharing the latest memes and videos. And you can probably catch us in the midst of a competition whether it’s a donut eating contest or a race to see who can run the fastest around the block. We revel in embarrassing moments, stories, and fun nicknames. And we always catch up about our favorite foods we had on the weekend.

4. You won’t find one of us exactly like the other.

You can find Kelly hiding under a desk waiting to scare them, and you could trace where Bob is by his granola trail through the office. You will find coffee cups in the strangest places (a trail of sorts signifying that Justin has passed through), and Adrian getting worked up in a debate about food, rap music, or Latino culture. You will always find Sarah talking to herself a mile a minute, and you will always find Edwin looking very uncomfortable because someone is hugging him. You won’t find two days in a row where Wills’ hair is the same. And you will never find a day when Susan wears flat shoes or Dawn is in the same outfit at any point within the year. These are just small tendencies each one of us has, but we really are a unique group of individuals where each personality is completely different and special. This makes up our culture and R29 family in the most unique way.

5. You won’t find two days the same.

If there’s one thing that is certain, it is that change is a constant. And we’re committed to ride along with each unexpected wave. Whether we’ve been working here for years or months, we know that no day will be the same. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We walk in every day never knowing exactly what to expect. And that is what keeps us on our toes and our work interesting.

It’s likely that if you have worked with us, you will have noticed a few aspects of our culture. But our hope is that if you spend enough time with us, what you will notice most is our desire to go beyond and push forward in any given project while keeping it fun and interesting. Our value of caring and cooperation extends beyond our R29 family.

And now that you know more about us, we’re excited to learn more about you. Drop us an email. Stop by for a beer. Tell us about the story you want to tell. Let’s figure out how to make it happen.

Being open to exploring new possibilities is one of the reasons why we are able to keep our work fresh and fun despite tight deadlines and demanding projects.

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