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An illustration of a display sign on grass with the Rule29 logo on it
An illustration of a display sign on grass with the Rule29 logo on it
About Us

We’re a Team of Creatives, Thinkers, and Doers

Rule29 is a creative agency and Certified B Corporation® that helps grow businesses, clarify stories, exceed expectations, explore wonder, and connect with audiences by getting to the heart of the matter. We are truly a team that cares and sees beyond. 

Our Creative Matters® approach is built on collaboration, commitment, and caring—all with the goal of helping you and your brand achieve more. Founded in 2000, Rule29’s staff has broad industry experience and excels in several markets. This experience coupled with an insatiable desire to learn and improve allows us to seamlessly blend sound business strategy with impressive creative innovation to achieve elegant and effective results for our clients.


A force for GOOD

Together, we can work for a better way to do business. We are so dedicated to this idea that we have become a Certified B Corporation®. This means that you can expect us to conduct business in a way that balances purpose and profit. In everything we do, we are committed to considering the impact of our actions on workers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. In other words, we hold ourselves accountable in every possible way to provide the best solutions for you, your customers, and the world at large.


We dream about possibilities, and then we work to make them realities. We don’t settle for “easy,” and we definitely don’t like the word “satisfactory.” You will find that we try not to say “no,” but rather “let’s try!”

We are nerds about design and strategy. We love reading stats, crafting surveys, doing research, and interviewing various groups to get to know you better. We debate the merits of various serifs for your brand fonts. We dig into digital platforms and get messy so that your users will have a great experience. We recommend colors that will make your competitors jealous and your customers thrilled.

We are sincere and conscientious. We deeply care about our clients and the work that we do. You will find us eager to figure things out and improve. If you follow us on social platforms (or call the office on a Friday), you’ll also find that we are pretty goofy, more than a little quirky, and always up for having fun.

Rule29’s Brand Values

Icon of a bar chart and arrow pointing up

Plan for Success

Our definition of success is more than the just profit on the balance sheet. Success is purposeful and planned for by the way we carry ourselves, conduct our business, create solutions, and impact the world.

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Create Enthusiastically

We approach everything with openness and possibility; these are the tools we use to develop business and design solutions that are thoughtful, authentic, beautiful, and unique.

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Positive Always

Every day, every project, every moment, we have a choice. We work in a way that is filled with gratitude, positivity, and an energy that enhances all who experience it.

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Work and Live with Intention

We do what it takes to create solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful, unique, and beneficial to the business. Whether at work, at home, or out and about, we live passionately in our unique and personal ways.

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Smarter Every Day

We strive to be smarter than the day before. We are always learning, and we look at the world strategically to arrive at fresh approaches with intelligent creative implementation.

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Care Deeply

We pour our hearts into our days. We show up fully and are generous with our time, our talent, and our resources. We consciously choose to serve others, whether colleagues, clients, communities, or beyond. We are better together.

Certifications and Affiliations